PDF Reader Enhancement: Pinch Zoom. Embedded Highlights

I feel there are 3 improvements that I really want to have for the built-in pdf reader:

  1. Support for gesture based pinch zooming, especially for Trackpad on Mac.
  2. Currently, the embedded highlights created by external PDF reader do not have reference links. Hovering over an embedded highlight will pop up a not very useful bubble showing the author, date, and time of the embedded highlight. I think removing this bubble and allowing users to copy the reference to those embedded highlights will be very useful.
  3. It will also be very helpful if we can have a option to convert LogSeq highlights to standard PDF embedded highlights that can be read by external pdf readers.

I agree that playing better with other PDF readers would be nice, I’ll also add that it would be useful to be able to read comments out as blocks or block references.

The fact that the highlights are locked up in logseq makes it difficult to do all of my computer pdf work in logseq.


I use logseq to read papers. if pdf could be zoomed in with wheel, it will be convenient for me.

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I think I have a similar request here, could you chime in a vote? You can reply with your request features too.

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