Pdf view in popout window goes blank after scrolling a couple pages

version 0.9.2
windows 11 home version 22H2
surface pro 9, 8GB RAM / 12th gen i5

to reproduce
open logseq
upload a pdf asset with 20 or more pages
open pdf
pop pdf into a window
scroll down a few pages (3-7 pages should do it)
the pdf will scroll into blank space
resize the window, the pdf will properly draw
scroll down a few more pages
the pdf will again scroll into blank space

this doesn’t happen when not popped out into a pdf window.

I can not reproduce this on my mac. I can reproduce on a second windows 11 machine.

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OK more information. This ONLY happens when the popout window is maximized on windows. And then it ALWAYS happens. So a workaround is to not maximize the window, but… as a tablet user this is the normal process for using the popout. Open a pdf, pop it out, rotate to portrait orientation, fullscreen the window and read.

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