Pen support in the journal

I have been testing Logseq since the beginning of January 2024.
Until now I used OneNote and I always worked with a pen.
And it’s exactly this function that I miss.
Using the pen only in the whiteboard restricts me too much.
Is use outside the whiteboard planned for pens or am I missing something here and can the pen actually also be used in the journal?


I can recommend the Plugin “Excalidraw”. It is the exact same Drawing experience like the Whiteboards, except, that the Drawing is in the Block on a Page like this:


After installing the Plugin, you can insert a new drawing on your Page using /excalidraw

Then hover over the preview and edit the Drawing

Now you can start drawing

To save the Drawing you need to Click the Leave Button in the Top Right, which might not be visible, if your Logseq Window is too narrow

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Thank you, that’s what I was looking for.
Even with a library for further topics. I like that a lot.
Maybe one last question, do you know if you can adjust the line size of the pen even finer somewhere?
I have the three possible sizes, where of course the thinnest is still a bit thick for handwritten notes. Let’s see if there are other pens in the library.

In any case, thank you very much for your support, you have helped me a lot !