Performance and battery issues

I have used Logseq since January 2024 and it has been great so far. I have had some performance issues, though. I am making a post instead of a bug report, because it is a collection of different things going on.

I have tried it on 3 different laptops. I used a Thinkpad X1 Carbon gen 6, and I thought maybe the processor was too old, since Logseq lagged a lot. The lag was very noticeable when battery saving mode was enabled. I’ve switched to a System76 Darter Pro 8 which should have a better battery, and I’ve found that the battery is draining pretty quickly, and since I’ve been using Logseq this whole time, I didn’t think that maybe Logseq is one of the battery drainers.

I recently got an M2 Macbook Pro for work and went to a conference 2 days ago. I saw how ARM-based macs have a really good battery life and I tried using it one workday without plugging it in at all and it lasted the 8 hours. This was mostly using Chrome and several Electron-based apps such as Slack.

I went to a conference that was about 7 and a half hours. I was actively taking notes during all of the talks, and the battery was draining pretty quickly, with less than 30% halfway through. I tried turning battery saver mode on, and even though the Mac has a powerful and efficient processor, I suffered from the same lag as the Thinkpad. As the battery was reaching a critical state, I decided to just finish taking notes with vim, and the battery lasted much longer, and there was no lag.

It seems also that as your notes grow, the more performance suffers, it might even be quadratic in performance. There are other bugs, such as when battery-saving mode is on, if you type “Hello”, you might end up typing “elloH” or “lloHe”.