Permanent / Docked Search

I often find myself searching for something and needing to work with multiple results. Because the search is a box that pops up over the Logseq application, as soon as I click on something to edit, I lose my search. Then I have to do the search again, go to the next page or block, edit, repeat.

It would be useful to be able to dock the search on either the left or the right side so that I could open the results in an editing panel and keep using the same results to go page to page / block to block.

Thank you for considering.

I’d like to add to this request… perhaps it is more of a feature request now. I really feel like I’m hitting limits in using my notes because the search functionality is so basic. The current search is really convenient for quick use. But when I have more complex sorts of finding needs, it requires using a persistent, advanced search interface.

I know I can write queries pages but that’s not the same. I’ve made some queries for easily displaying results that I come back to over and over but it’s very inconvenient (and time-consuming) to create a query page every time I need to dome some arbitrary advanced search. With a large collection of notes (broad or deep graph) we really need a persistent advanced search pane/window.

Both Zettlr and Obsidian have different approaches to this that work very nicely. Maybe Logseq could look at those as models to inform how it might implement such functionality?

Also, I think this request corresponds somewhat with this discussion about operators.