Permission denied on `/opt/logseq-desktop/Logseq`

I recently installed logseq (logseq-desktop 0.9.1-1) through pacman and yay on archlinux x86_64 (6.2.10-arch1-1) . Upon running logseq, I get the following response:

[username@laptop ~]$ logseq
/usr/bin/logseq: line 15: /opt/logseq-desktop/Logseq: Permission denied

I then checked my permissions for /opt/logseq-desktop/Logseq:

[username@laptop ~]$ sudo ls -l /opt/logseq-desktop/Logseq
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 153598112 Apr  8 23:51 /opt/logseq-desktop/Logseq

Do I need to change permissions on the /opt/logseq-desktop folder or is this expected?

Welcome gabem,

You could always change permissions on the logseq-destop folder and see if it makes a difference,

An alternative is to use the Appimage rather than install through yay.

Regards, Gary

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instead of changing the folder permission, you should give your user permission to the folder, use the command:

$ sudo setfacl -Rm "u:<usrname>:rwx" /path

Replace with your username.

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