Persistent background mode for android app

I’ve already created this issue on github Persistent background mode for android app · Issue #5638 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
So frustrating
Couldn’t find any discussions about this, it seems like as if i’m the only one encountering this problem.
After i switch to other apps and spend some time using them and then switch back to logseq android app it restarts all over. So i have to wait for about 15 sec while it’s loading, and the block on the page i was working on before leaving is lost because it shows current day’s journals page, and then it takes even more time to get back to that block of writing i was working on.
Is it possible to make this app work persistently in the background?
Or at least, how can I modify the code to get my personal persistent background version for android?
I’m absolute zero to java android development though… Are there any plugins for java that would allow quickly implement this feature (Like cordova-background-plugin for hybrid-apps)?