Persistent configuration for zoom level

Thanks for building logseq :heart:

Some observations that I have around “zoom” with keyboard on the app:

  • Every time I open the app, it resets its zoom level to 100%. I usually use the keyboard shortcuts to get to the level that I need. (Mostly driven by screen size)
  • When switching the app windows in my OS, there’re times that logseq resets its zoom level without even exiting the app. (Maybe this is a bug, I might be able to record a screen cast).

It’d be great if we could have:

  • keep the last zoom level that was used in the app when the app is re-opened.
  • have a configuration that sets the default zoom level.


PS. My environment using logseq:

  • OS: Ubuntu
  • DE and WM: GNOME

This should be filed as a - [Sign in to GitHub · GitHub](https://new bug) . I think it worked before… I would say 0.5.x. and yes, I notice the same issue.

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I have the same issue with all versions.
The zoom setting always resets when I change the window size for the first time. And when I open Logseq. I hope there is a solution :slight_smile:

AppImage on XFCE Manjaro Linux.

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The same problem, macos 12.1; logseq 0.59

Same problem, win-10, logseq 0.6.3. It resets its zoom

Also window size resets everytime I launch Logseq

Here is a solution that should persist the zoom size to your liking. Add this to your custom.css

body {
    zoom: 1.2;

Thank you. It reduces size but appears a big space between “+new page” and bottom of the window.

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Big thanks to @qwqpwp#5203 on Discord for this css code

#main-content-container, .left-sidebar-inner .nav-content-item, .sidebar-item.content {zoom: 0.9}
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