Persisting Graph shape - keeping nodes' position after navigating away

Hello everyone,

I have searched and probably this feature hasn’t been request yet.

I would like a feature to keep the Graph shape (meaning position of all nodes) stay the same after you manually arrange them and navigate away and re-visit them again.

Use case:
I would like to arrange the nodes as my own flow of thoughts and get familiar to the graph to quickly see how an area is developed and/or organized.
Right now the graph is quite messy and doesn’t give much insight of the knowledge.
So, I don’t mind spending time to manually dragging and arranging all nodes into comprehensive cluster to represent a topic or a project.
But if I navigate to a page to edit something and get back to the graph, all the nodes spring back to the auto-generated state.
If the Graph view can stay the same as you arrange them, you can grab a quick top view of how all the topics relate, then go edit some pages, then get back to the Graph view and very easily see the changes and adjusts you just did. That’s not possible yet as right now.

I hope this feature should not be consuming too much effort. Specifically what I mean is:

  • Save the data of the nodes’ position (when manually arranged) and reload it when the Graph View is loaded.
  • Probably an option to manually trigger the auto-arranging function of the Graph (reset Graph shape), not automatically run every time the Graph view is loaded as it does right now.

If you believe this feature will make the Graph view become more helpful too, please vote so that the team can prioritize their effort to this.

Thank you all for reading!
_ Hieu Hoang _

I like this idea a lot, I feel like the graph looks pretty crazy when I look at it. I think as a starter maybe they should look into having it look prettier by default. I feel like most of the time move nodes, it’s because I want to be able to see things better because everything is just ontop of eachother.