Pipe charater within backticks within a table is parsed as table column divider

When making a table in Logseq, any pipe characters within fixed-width charater segments (between backticks) that are within a table, get parsed as a table column divider, instead of being part of the fixed-width text.

The text between the backticks needs to get parsed before the table column dividers (pipe characters).


Error behaviour

This table code:

| Column 1: Header | Column 2: Header |
| `column1_cmd | piped_cmd` | Column 2: Text |

Ends up looking like this:

Expected behaviour

But it should look like this:

(Cheated with pipe-looking unicode character)

Version Information

Logseq: Version 0.9.17 (70)
Mac OS: Ventura 13.5.2 (22G91)