Plans to improve documentation?


I realize this is not a very helpful or detailed request – but as a user I just wanted to give the reflection that I feel the Logseq documentation leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t really feel on par with other modern software products I use.

For example – I’m trying to figure out how to set the language of a code block for syntax highlighting and I can’t find it anywhere. I search “code” in the documentation graph and this is what comes up:

None of the results are relevant.

That’s just one example. I understand the appeal to use a Logseq graph as the documentation platform but in practice it just doesn’t feel that effective, at least how it’s currently laid out.

What about using this Discourse platform for the documentation using Docs | Discourse - Civilized Discussion?

Anyways, like I said I realize this isn’t particularly helpful and might come off as complain-y, but as a user as it stands there have been many times where I want to figure out the official guide to doing something in Logseq and been left feeling disappointed. I am aware Logseq is in relatively early stages of development so I just hope that improving the docs are on the radar as Logseq matures. Otherwise I love this product.

I do agree, there are definitely plans to improve docs and they’re actively being worked on at the moment.

About your question about setting the language, follow this syntax.

```language name here
code is here