Play a video in Logseq

I have copied a video into logseq. if I start it in Logseq there comes no audio. if i start it directly from the file or from youtube, there is all ok with audio. What can I do? Best regards Klaus

Welcome. What do you mean by “copied”? Which one of the multiple methods have you tried?

I copied the file-name or the internet-page

So if you paste the code below:


<video controls><source src=""></video>

[:video {:controls true :src ""}]
  • It opens 3 videos without sound?
  • Moving the sound control makes no difference?

I link it in this form:

“{{video}} #video” or the other way " Phänomen Anastasia - Band 1- Teil 1 - Anastasia- Tochter der TaigaEinführung in die Mammutserie - .mp4"

It plays fine to me. Here is a wild guess: Could it be that you are also running some other application that is based on Electron or Chromium (e.g. a browser), which limits the audio to itself?

  • Try closing all other applications or restart in a clean memory, then play the video as first move.
  • Also check if the installed versions of the involved software is up-to-date, just in case.

In all three ways the video is not starting, even not without audio. But if I only copy the link, it starts in Youtube.

The three ways are for linking to files. The video macro is for linking to video services. The lack of audio hasn’t been explained. Since I cannot reproduce the problem, I am out of ideas.