Play/pause youtube embed video using keyboard shortcut

I am using youtube video embed using a / command and as I write some notes and grab time stamp using cmd + y shortcut, sometimes I feel the need to pause the video and read the notes that I have taken.

Currently I have to move the cursor to the video and play pause from youtube playback controls, which is very slow

Is there anyway to assign a keyboard shortcut to play/pause the video from anywhere inside the document.

Example: cmd + shift + p — to play pause the video.

I am looking for this as well. Its not very user friendly to keep going to video to pause, take a note and then play. Gets irritating very soon. I wish there were shortcuts for at least play/pause, seek backward/forward by few seconds

This is a great feature request, and I agree with the need for more YouTube controls. Personally, I’d also like to be able to login to my YouTube account so I don’t see ads constantly.

For the moment, the Helium plugin is what you’re looking for. You can find it in the Plugin Marketplace (go to ... > Plugins > Marketplace).

Since a few versions, it has keyboard shortcuts to play/pause the video and skip forward/backward in a video: