Please please please help w duplicate pages

Please dear god someone tell me how to remove duplicate pages that have completely bogged down my graph. I am syncing with Logseq sync, and my Logseg graph folder is NOT in iCloud or Dropbox or any other sync. I am not sure how they got there. Most share the title of an presumably) original page followed by -logseq and a mess of numbers or sometimes just the number. These dupes have blown up my graph from 2000 or 3000 to almost 8000 documents. The desktop app now struggles and the iOS apps can’t load, they just keep trying and they’re unusable. I’ve tried to export elsewhere to Reflect but it bogs that down too. I DESPERATELY NEED TO DELETE ALL THE DUPLICATES

I committed to LogSeq as my main workplace 2 or 3 years ago and this is a horrific problem. Please, please, please, someone give me specific instructions to solve this once and for all.

Very much obliged for a response.

David Dobbs
Montpelier, Vermont

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  • Close all Logseq instances in all of your devices.
    • Ensure they have actually closed, not simply moved to the background.
  • Take a backup of your files.
    • In other words, don’t expect a smooth process.
  • Use an external tool to separate the original files from the duplicates.
    • This cannot be done reliably from within Logseq.
    • One way is to search for all files that contain -logseq
  • Move the original files to a new graph and without customizations.
    • This is the important step and should be done in all devices before the next one.
  • Test if the new graph operates normally.
    • If it operates normally, abandon the old graph and use the new one.
      • There may still be something missing, so don’t delete the old graph’s files yet.
    • If the duplicates re-appear, should repeat the process, changing any suspicious factor, e.g.:
      • revert to an older version of Logseq
      • remove some files
        • recently modified ones
        • big ones
        • move secondary old files to an archive-like graph
      • change or abandon syncing
      • etc.