Plugin Idea: Block Extractor similar to Obsidian's Extract Command

I love moving blocks around, which is why I currently prefer Logseq’s outlining strength over Obsidian’s (even with its Outliner and Zoom Plugins). But one thing I really miss is being to put my cursor on a block and with a simple keyboard shortcut extract that block and choose a file to move it to (see Obsidian’s Extract To menu command, or even Note Refactor Plugin (GitHub - lynchjames/note-refactor-obsidian: Allows for text selections to be copied (refactored) into new notes and notes to be split into other notes.)

I realize Logseq has a Move To slash command but what it does is simply copy a block reference, which is not what I’m looking for, more like an outright cut-and-paste into another document automatically.

I wonder what the best workaround is, in a way that preserves the block IDs