Plugin Marketplace in Logseq not loading

If the plugin marketplace keep showing blanking:

Check the connectivity to this page

Normally it should return things like this:

  "datetime": 1672196619902,
  "packages": [
      "title": "Cobra Theme",
      "description": "If Cobra Kai had a Logseq theme this would be it! (Made for fans of dark-mode).",
      "author": "Santi Younger",
      "repo": "santiyounger/Cobra",
      "icon": "icon.png",
      "theme": true,
      "id": "cobra-theme",
      "addedAt": 1634165328000

If it returens ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, seems like you hit the Github’s quota limitation / block by a firewall.
Maybe recover after hours, or you can setup VPN in your OS, or setup proxy via the in-app proxy setting:

Also there’s a environment variable that works for SOME networking cases:

Working me for on Mac M1. Logseq version 0.9.4.

Try on Command Line.

open -a "Logseq"

May refer how to setup environment variable on Windows: