Plugin request for anyone (Daily Quote)

Love the app but one of the main things I’m still annoyed with is the lack of a definitive quote system. MD has a default but it looks ugly and doesn’t put the quote before any added metadata for some reason and the searchability isn’t super great at that point.

My request is for someone that codes to create a “quote” addon that formats quotes in the most searchable way possible and then at the beginning of the day pulls a random quote from our database and adds it to the daily journal.

Not sure how easy or hard this would be but it would be really cool to have every time I opened Logseq in the morning.

You probably know, but the plugin Awesome UI has a #quote function enhancement. May or may not be what you’re looking for.

I like that a lot, thanks for the lead. maybe I can convince the creator of that plugin to work on a daily random quote a la Readwise.

You can do the random quote using daily smartblock tempoates.

The toolbox plug-in (don’t know the exact name) has a daily quote function…

Hey Aryan! how exactly would I go about doing that? Is there a plugin already built somewhere? Thanks!

Thanks wybren! I’m actually looking for something similar that uses the quotes in my Logseq graph. Kind of like a poor man’s Readwise. Any suggestions?

Just create a template called quote through Logseq’s template system. Then add the text <randomblock quote>.

You can add the smart block to a daily journal template by this method.

Your video is a little too advanced for me. I’m good at copy/pasting but keeping up with your video was a little too much for my current level.

If you want to give me a more detailed step by step approach on how to do it, I’d be more than happy to make an ELI5 video for people on your behalf.