Plugin search doesn't seem to search on the title of the plugins

I have GitHub - sethyuan/logseq-plugin-ol: Ordered lists, flat or nested, multiple formats ordered lists. installed, which is called “Ordered Lists”.
In the UI, when I search for “lists”, it’s not found. Searching for “-ol” does work though.

The current behavior is so unhelpful and counter-intuitive that I consider it a bug. But feel free to move to Feature Requests if you feel otherwise.

This sounds like a bug to me as searching for “lists” on the macOS desktop app v0.7.6. works fine:

CleanShot 2022-07-16 at 13.37.36

Currently, this forum isn’t monitored closely by our engineers (we’re considering closing it to centralize every report on GitHub). Could you please report this bug on GitHub therefore? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Ah that’s cause you’re searching the Marketplace, and the bug only applies to the Installed tab.

I’ll file a bug on Github: Searching "Installed" plugins doesn't match on the titles of plugins · Issue #6064 · logseq/logseq · GitHub