Plugin to automatically generate reminders for events, deadlines etc

It would be great if there was a plug in to automatically generate reminders. E.g. for “Event-X [[date-Y]]” it would generate further indented bullet points as follows:

  • This week: Event-X [[date-for-Monday-of-the-relevant-week]]
  • Tomorrow: Event-X [[date-for-day-before-the-relevant-date]]
  • One week’s time: Event-X [[date-exactly-seven-days-before-the-relevant-date]]

These reminders will then appear at the bottom of daily notes via backlinks.

There could be a control panel, or options in the .edn file to specify exactly when you would like your default reminders to come in.

I think this is a good way to keep on top of scheduled events because it gives reminders at certain timepoints, but in such a way that it does not produce a long list of future events, which can be quite overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and difficult to process.

I am imagining that this would work separately from the org-mode style syntax for scheduled events, though I guess the two could be integrated?

I am planning, at some stage, to write an Alfred script which does something like this (Alfred is a brilliant automation app on Mac, if you don’t know), but I don’t really have the know how to create a Logseq addon which does this.

You can do this with queries (both simple and advanced) already.

I’m not sure how. Queries can find events / todos occurring between two dates. But what I’m imagining is a bit more complex than that. Can one create a query which only shows events today, and tomorrow, and in seven days’ time? And can you create one which shows this week’s events on a Monday only?

Last 7 days:

{{query (and (todo now todo doing later) (between -7d now))}}


{{query (and (todo now todo doing later) (between now now))}}


{{query (and (todo now todo doing later) (between yesterday yesterday))}}

Maybe there’s more efficient ways, not sure. As for specific dates not sure of a way with simple queries, I’m sure there are with advanced ones but I’m not a big fan of that syntax right now.

All of this was derived and tested from

According to the changelog on Feb 26, 2021 I believe it was, that I just saw, queries also support dynamic variables so something like {{query (and (todo now todo doing later) (between <% this Monday %> <% this Monday %>))}} may work (untested).