Plugin to lock pages

Hi Logseqers,

The idea is to have password-protected pages, the master password can be stored in the Logseq config. This is for someone that does screen sharing or record screens - by having this feature, the content will be not been shown.

For MVP, it’s not “password-protected” yet. What I have done so far is just lock and unlock the page, when you unlock the page, it will not ask for a password.

You can find the plugin code from Github. For now, the plugin can lock the content (mask them) based on the page properties.

There are some known limitations:

  • The lock and unlock button does not update the page metadata - unable to find an API to update page properties.
  • The tooltip will show the locked page content - unable to find an API to listen to the event and mask the content on the tooltip pop-up.
  • Search will still show the locked page content.

If anyone would like to chip into this idea, feel free to reach out to me. :blush:

Very cool and useful. I look forward to playing with this once it is finished.