Plugins cannot load sometimes

I have two macbooks to sync graphs via git.
I found sometimes all plugins cannot be loaded in another macbook, I need to disable and enable plugins one by one in plugin setting page to active it.
I installed same plugins in two macbooks, and I can see them in plugins setting page with enable status, but cannot work, need to disable/enable manually. It often happens after git sync.
I am using logseq 0.6.2.

This also happens to me. I run two graphs and download plugins into both graphs (which would appear in the other graph). Upon loading logseq into any graph, only a handful of plugins will successfully load (usually PDF exporter loads, but all 20 other plugins won’t be loaded at all). Different combinations of plugins load will load upon launching the app and it’s hard to identify a pattern if there is any…

The work around as pointed by nanyu is to manually disable and enable each plugin.

OS: Windows 10
Version: 0.7.3
Syncing: Google Drive (Drive Sync to mobile)

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Similar to the previous user (hotaro) I have two graphs. Plugins either load, or do not load. With the number of plugins currently available, to manually uninstall and install ( which is the only way to get unloaded ones to work again. It is frustrating.

OS: Windows
Version: 0.7.9
Sync: Google drive