Plugins do not install, logseq doesn't update to new version


I don’t have a Github account, so I’ll post the issue here.

I’m trying to move away from Roam and see Logseq as it’s successor for me. However, I can’t seem to get it to work on my business laptop (provided by employer).

When installing plug-ins from the marketplace or trying to update Logseq to a newer version I get this error: unable to get local issuer certificate

What could I do to resolve? Is it because my employer uses a proxy?
When installing plug-ins by hand instead of from the marketplace, they don’t ‘stick’. So next time I start logseq again, they seem to not have installed and are gone.

Full error message when installing a plug-in:
[Install Error]:request to failed, reason: unable to get local issuer certificate

I have the same problem, again with a work-supplied device. Will be interested to hear of any potential workarounds.

Hi. I also struggle with both problems in the work laptop. I believe there was talk of fixing this in the Discord but not too sure where that is at


Exact same issue here, also on a work-issued device.

Same issue with my work laptop, the company proxy is stopping me from installing plugins and updating LogSeq. I currently update them manually by going to their github pages and downloading the release then doing a manual unzip and loading those.

Bulletthread example

Fetch the release version, careful not to get the code version

Unpack in a folder, be sure to do this OUTSIDE you logseq graph. I did in the beginning and then all readme stuff get’s loaded. Bad time and such

Then enable developer mode to load plugins

Finally go the plugins and load unpacked plugins

Find you folder, select and enjoy plugin

It’s not ideal, but I don’t need to update them every week anyway.

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Thanks for the tutorial! I was indeed fetching the code version, which did not work for most plug-ins I tried

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