Plugins that should be built-in to the core app

I love the plugin marketplace and the way it allows additional UX experiments, or features, but it is also the case that some developers lose interest in Logseq or simply don’t have the time to continue development. Moreover, some plugins offer such basic functionality that it might make sense to roll this into the core app. I’m sure everyone has their own list of what such plugins might be. (I’m posting this in “feature requests” rather than “plugins” because … I’d like these plugins to become core features.)

  1. Copy Code
  2. Split Block
  3. Short Namespaces
  4. Task Completion

In the case of (1) I think the logseq implementation could be the same as the plugin. In the other three cases, I think the team could probably do a better job than the plugins by more tightly integrating them into the app.

One I didn’t list is some kind of calendar or agenda navigation. That is because I’d like Logseq to do much more than what any of the plugins currently do.

I’d add, sorted by importance for me:

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I would divide plugins into two groups:

  • Plugins that seriously improve existing functionality (do better what Logseq does).
    • These are the best candidates for getting built-in.
  • Plugins that add extra functionality (beyond Logseq’s core).
    • No matter how useful this functionality may be, it should not be built-in.
      • These should remain plugins, but adopted as official ones, even offered during installation.
        • This has multiple benefits (e.g. loading time).
        • Nevertheless, should get built-in only if properly maintained.

The question is: What is Logseq’s core?
Developers announced to provide a general vision and general roadmap a couple months ago (I think). I might have missed something, but nothing heart despite there will be some kind of database version.

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Way more than two months, at least in January 2023 they already said they were working on a vision document, since at that time I mentioned it.

I’ve installed this and agree that it should be how hierarchies work by default. Having to scroll to the bottom of the page is a poor UX for this.

Don’t forget Logseq Swapblocks!

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