Pomodoro - Roam inspired

Add a little Pomodoro like Roam, with the possibility of invoke it with /pomo.

Potentially this could be implemented in the right sidebar as a tab to configure and view timers while the user can work freely on any page. Additionally, a small number display of the timer on the bottom left of the window with notifications when timers are completed.

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Agreed. This would be really helpful!

I am curious. Since I use Pomodoro Timer myself, I have corresponding timers in use. I use depending on the situation “Timeqube” https://timeqube.com or the Android app “Timelog” (if I want to track my goals).

Wouldn’t it be better to use specialized tools for such special functionalities?

I agree, I do not think pomodoro is a priority for the developers. I think pomodoro should be handled by either an independent app or a plugin.

Agreed, this felt like alternative functionality shoehorned into an app for a different purpose.

When I imported my roam content I was like “oh, where’s the Pomodoro timer” for about 5 seconds, then realized I never used that clunky implementation either, and was actually glad I didn’t as it’s less ‘pure data’ and trying to represent an abstract functionality via text. Same deal with sliders. Without them, my content is content.

For a great simple pomodoro timer for Mac that supports sync and multiple pomodoro tracking, I recommend Be Focused Pro.

I’d love a pomodoro timer too!

There is a rudimentary pomodoro timer for Logseq here: logseq-plugin-samples/logseq-pomodoro-timer at master · logseq/logseq-plugin-samples

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