Possibility to create mindmaps

Graphs are great but ability to create mindmaps would be awesome

create .md and convert them to mindmaps (like https://transno.com/)
create visual mindmaps docs -> converted to .MD (like MindMup)

can’t post more than two link :smiley: also metal3d/vymad: Vymad - Vym to markdown generator (github.com)

I support this request and would also like something like Transo offers. Just a clarifying comment–although Transno offers a “mindmap” of sorts, it is a hierarchical structure that mirrors a traditional outline structure. I find that useful and would like it in Logseq.

But many people use “mindmap” to mean something where people can draw all sorts of lines, links, and connections between different nodes, add nodes anywhere on the canvas and move them around without changing their link structure, and other less restricted things that cannot so easily translate back and forth from markdown. So we should distinguish between an “outline mindmap” and a “free mindmap” (just making up these terms, hopefully you know what I mean).

This was just released for roamresearch … maybe it is easy to “port it” to LogSeq ??
That would be awesome

Roam JS minmap

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waiting for the native solution, I’ve done this possible with Lupin


@Tony, since Lupin is described as being for “adding quick Journal Entries into LogSeq”, I don’t understand how it works to create mindmaps. Can a Logseq user use Lupin to create a mindmap with existing Logseq data? How? Thanks.

Yes sir, I have added many smaller functions to Lupin mindmaps is one of them

once you have it running issue a /getMM PageTitle command where PageTitle is the title of the page you want to “convert” to a mindmap and Lupin will send you back the mind map HTML file

it looks something like that from Lupin side

and this is the HTML file result

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Is the mindmap html functional/interactive in any way, or is it just a nice way to display existing Logseq pages in a separate file? Can I edit content in the mindmap and see that reflected in Logseq?

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It is functional in terms that nodes can be expanded and collapsed it is the exact same HTML that would have been generated using Try Markmap

Html files are read only cannot be edited so any edit will need to be done on the file itself and then re-exported again


It’s important to be clear to people that the mindmap provided by Lupin is not editable. I think when people are voting for this feature they are imagining what you said in your OP - editable mindmaps that can be edited in either format and have the edits captured for viewing in either format. Lupin gives a “mindmap view mode” or something but that’s not going to satisfy most people who want mindmaps like transo.com provides.



Lupin is by no means a replacement to my original request, it is merely a hack so I can “survive” until a more complete tool is launched, I use mindmaps quite a bit that’s why I rushed in adding this feature to Lupin


Hey guys, I have implemented a solution for this requirement, Feel free to test it and give me some feedback.

It’s based on Markmap, so only support Markmap support features.


Hi, this plug-in is great! It does not 100% meet the request because it is not editable. Some people do not care, but I consider the request to be for a mindmap that can be edited, similar to the Transno implementation.


Hi @Richard_Yu - is there a limit to number of nodes or something? I can see that if the chart goes too deep, it stops building it.! bug report|690x406

In my case it’s stuck here even though my note has more nodes and subnodes. I’m using logseq 0.3.9

The lib I integrated is called markmap, that means it is based on markdown syntax, in Markdown, there are only 6 levels heading


So deeper than 6 levels nodes will not be rendered.

The original purpose of this plugin for me is to be used in meetings acting like a PPT. So I think that limitation is not a issue.