Post date/modification date

I am new to Logseq. I am trying to find the date and time stamps (created/modified) for the blocks/bullets, but no success so far. I have used Obsidian and Dynalist, and both of them provide date modified in their default settings. Could someone please help me with understanding how does it work in Logseq?

Hi metpro, sorry no I can’t. I’ve posted a similar request yesterday and am waiting for a response.
Watching YT videos, there are some complex Queries and Properties which might be an equivalent to Templates in Obsidian, but I don’t understand them exactly.
In Obsidian it was a simple matter to set up the Date via a Template, here, I am lost. Have decided to type it in by hand until some kind soul comes along and helps me/us out. :crazy_face:

Edit: as I said in my mentioned post, the solutions I came up with wanted to insert the date as a [[page]], rather than just as a Date stamp. I suspect I’m not using Logseq the way it’s intended, or missing the point, by not wanting to using dates in this manner.

Good luck!