Posting from Telegram to GDrive


I opted for GDrive to sync my data. My set-up is made of ChromeOS+Windows+Android. I could not find something perfect for sync and GitHub was behaving awkward. I ended-up with both ChromeOS and Windows running on Google Drive, and this work just flawlessly.

I wanted something applicable to Android too, and something not too distracting, just to log my thoughts.
I created a ultra-simplified version of the great Lupin app with Google Drive as a backend. It will simply use a Telegram bot and turn any received message into the daily journal content. Telegram has a wonderful android widget where this is one distraction less and one click away on the home page.
See the code here : GitHub - emms007/Telegram2GdriveOrgMarkDown

I am looking forward when android/mobile sync will be better supported in a maybe more native Android user-flow. However Telegram supports a perfect way to send message without context and distraction, quite appreciable.

Enjoy, and thanks to the Lupin author for the idea and getting me converted to this flow!