Presentation Mode improvements: Suggestions

I believe that the presentation mode in Logseq is an undervalued , superpowerful tool!.
I have used presentation mode to create quick (instagram slides) and ofcourse as a replica for powerpoint presentations.

However here are some improvement ideas.

1. Ability to start presentation mode at the Bullet point of your choice.

Right now the presentation mode obeys the page hierarchy.

ie Starts with the first bullet point in the page and proceeds sequentially untill the end of the page.

However a lot of write down things in the daily notes page, and use queries to filter and read content. So it would be convinient if we could start presentation from say the 4th bullet point of the daily note page, and end it when the hierarchy ends.

2. View Bullet as slide.

In Obsidian’s presentation mode, the point of seperation between two slides is decided by the insertion of ---. Logseq doesnt have any such mechanism now. Each bullet becomes a seperate slide. But how do I disply bullet points inside a slide?

I think it could be useful to have some way to ‘Zoom out’ from bullets, so as to see the nesting inside a slide.

Hi krishnu

I agree and disagree with your proposals at the same time.

Yes, it would be good to start at a certain block. And yes, it would be useful to be able to control when a new slide should start.

On the other hand, listing bullet points on slides is a bad style in most cases because it is tiring (keyword: death by bullet points).

This is exactly why the presentation mode is a nice-to-have additional feature, but certainly not a central feature of LOGseq. If you want to create engaging presentations - look elsewhere. At the same time, there are still many important bugs and feature requests that affect the core functionality of LOGseq.

Therefore, my opinion would be: yes, but only when the core functionalities work stably and smoothly. As we are already having a presentation mode, your suggestions make sense from my point of view :wink:

I found this when I was about to request the following, similar to your first request:

Ability to start presentation while zoomed in.

Right now you can only start a presentation when zoomed out to view the full page, but I would like to zoom in on a particular bullet and start the presentation from there. Unfortunately the presentation menu option doesn’t appear under these conditions.

if someone is searching for a way to use bulletpoints in presentation, it’s possible to use asterisk


- Slide 1
- Slide 2
   * bulletpoint 1
   * bulletpoint 2