Presentation of alias in search (CMD-K) is different then when using blockquotes ([])

It is a small issue with the presentation of an alias depending of where you are looking from.

When you use CMD-K to open a page and I search for Sophie it is shown like this.


it is then clear that Sophie is the alias of “Sophie Ro” (partially clipped for privacy). This is a nice way to show the original page name and the alias.

But when you use the [[]] to include a link to a page using the alias then the search result is shown like this…


When I select the presented result (being “Sophie”) then it is inserted as [[Sophie]] and it is in fact linking to the original page. But at the moment where I am adding the link it is not clear that I am linking to an alias.

Personally I would prefer to use the first presentation also in the [[]] link search to keep it clear and equal.