Pressing alt key shows electron menu and loses focus (linux)

On Linux, when using an Electron application, pressing alt shows the application’s menu and moves focus to that menu.
My native language doesn’t use Latin characters and I often switch keyboard layouts with alt+shift and losing focus makes typing a nightmare
I understand that this is a problem with all applications built on Electron (issue - [Feature Request]: Disable alt-key menu bar focus globally as user · Issue #34211 · electron/electron · GitHub), but VS Code which is also built on Electron solved this problem with the option to disable the menu. Please also add this option, thanks

OS: Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition)
Version: 0.9.6

Hi, what is the difference to Disable electron menu bar - maybe just use the linked post?

Btw: I also think, this Alt-key is annoying and rather would make a good modifier for custom keybindings.

I first created a bug report, and then I saw that there is another feature request

in version 0.9.9 call by Alt electron menu is disabled, thanks