Prevent #acb from being recognized as a tag

A have strings that are in the format of a tag but are not meant to be tags. I tried putting a \ before the #, or surround the whole string with a pair of backticks. That changes the way the string is displayed, but when I search for the the string, it still appears in the list of pages.

Welcome. If it still appears in the list of pages, it means that there is still somewhere an instance of it that is not yet fixed (in one of the mentioned ways). Visit that page and check the references at the bottom. If there are no references, go to the list of pages and choose the option Remove orphaned pages?

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You’re right with backslash approach:
2024-02-23 00.02.36

And there is no page created

Thanks for you answers.

I think I knew what happened. Prior to the search, I clicked on the tag, which created a page (Seems like the page was only in the search index, since there was no actual file created in the file system). Choosing “Delete page” actually removes the page from the search.

As @stdword mentioned, backslash will prevent Logseq from creating a new page.

In my case, the strings are long random strings that are meant to be read by machine (think tokens). It is a bit inconvenient to have to remove these backslashes whenever I need to use the tokens.