Prevent new page creation / make it easier to delete pages created in error

I keep finding things listed as Pages in Logseq that I did not intend to create. I have to click on them and delete them from the menu to get rid of them, which is actually a bit frustrating because it takes me a number of clicks to go back and forth in the workflow.

It would be great if there was a way to prevent Logseq from creating new pages quite so easily and to more efficiently delete pages (e.g. a delete button next to them in the All Pages list).

As a usage example, if I make a block with a tag in it (or I type a # for some reason, not intending to use it as a tag) it automatically creates a page with whatever text follows. If I add a property with a comma to a block and forget that those automatically link, I end up with one or more weirdly named pages that I didn’t want to create.

My All Pages list has many instances of pages that are partial sentences or other things I didn’t intend. As far as I can tell these pages aren’t actually created as files unless I go to them and type something. However, they do appear in searches and the All Pages list as if they already existed. It becomes messy and confusing.

I appreciate how easy it is to make new pages but Logseq is a bit too eager to make these for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering this request. Or if there is already some way I can change my settings to prevent this problem, it’d be great to learn. (using Logseq desktop on Manjaro Linux/Gnome)

Thanks for posting.

I had a similar request regarding namespaces:

Yes, I agree it sounds like that might be the same or a very similar issue.

I noticed the latest version (0.4.5) supports easily deleting multiple pages at once in the “All pages” view. Although this doesn’t exactly solve the difficulty, it’s super helpful to take care of extraneous pages.


Hi, I use the Logseq “search everywhere command” (cmd+k) a lot to find my notes using names and keywords. One issue that I often encounter is that there can be many empty pages coming up in the search result. For example, if I search “why use Logseq”, the correct page I’m trying to find may be “Thoughts/Why use Logseq?”, but the page “Why Logseq” and “Thoughts/Why use Logseq” (without the question mark in the page title) also appear in the search result. These pages were probably accidentally created somehow and are both empty, but there is no way for me to see that easily from the search results, and sometimes only after a few attempts can I find the nonempty page that I’m looking for. I’m thinking maybe adding something like a tag in the search result to signify that certain pages are empty would help alleviate this problem.

Are other people facing similar issues? Is there a simple way to avoid creating these empty pages in the first place? Thanks!

Two related issues:

Thanks, I have combined your post wit the latter feature request. to keep everything in the same place.

Just another similar feature request. Note that in the official document:

You cannot quote (unlink) parts (items) of a list property, e.g. parts:: [[motor]], "steering wheel, tyres" is not going to prevent values from being linked.

However, in some use cases, we would like to prevent some properties from being pages.