"private:: true" property at block level for public pages

I’m trying to set up a public repository of my notes with Logseq by using the “export public pages” feature and tagging some pages with “public:: true”. However, some of these public notes contain blocks that I would like to keep private on export. Therefore, I would like to be able to tag blocks with “private:: true” so that they (and their descendants) would not be published.

I think that feature may be interesting for people who want to partially publish notes. That would prevent note-duplication in a graph, or even the need to have a dedicated graph containing public notes.

Going further: One could imagine tagging certain blocks with public:: true but not the whole page. On “export public pages”, the exported pages would only contain the blocks tagged with “public:: true”, along with regular pages tagged with “public:: true”.

Edit: “private:: true” could instead be “public:: false”

Now that there is a Logseq Publish Github Action, this becomes even more relevant.

This is a feature that is implemented in Roam Garden.


I hope this gets implemented!

@deniz … do you know if anyone has attempted to create something like roam.garden for LogSeq?

No… not really. There is a plugin for exporting files for publishing on Hugo manually (see: GitHub - sawhney17/logseq-schrodinger: A plugin to export pages in Logseq to Hugo.). But nothing that preserves your notes structure properly like roam.garden or Obisidan Publish (e.g. GitHub - jackyzha0/quartz: 🌱 host your own second brain and digital garden for free, works but doesn’t preserve block links).

I am working on an expanded version of a Logseq → Hugo publishing flow myself that does this better, something that would allow you to use a property to pick which pages and blocks to publish, preserve block links on publishing, and customize the css. Problem is it’s super alpha and custom built for my own flow right now. You can see it’s current state on denizay.org.

If there’s significant interest I can try to put more work into making this flow something others can use. Otherwise, for now, I don’t know of any solid Logseq publish tools unfortunately.

Schrodinger can actually preserve links and backlinks as well.

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