Problem in changing Logseq Git Auto-commit Repos

Hi, so I want to change the directory of git auto-commit from the original directory, which is C:\ to E:\ where all my graph contents are.

My laptop is currently using Windows 11 and Logseq 0.9.19

In the beginning, I didn’t link my local repos to Github and just let Logseq auto-backup my files in C:\

However, when I tried to follow the guidelines from ### CharlesChiuGit/Logseq-Git-Sync-101, I couldn’t as Logseq didn’t create the git directory where I link my graph

I have tried deleting all the files in Appdata to reinstall Logseq again and clearing all caches but nothing changes

I have tried moving the git directory using File Explorer and changing the .git file in the E:\ folder to the new path I created but it was useless.

Originally the path was:

I’m worried that maybe it is because of some Logseq setup or that I forgot to delete something.
Could anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance.

Moreover, my case is somewhat different from the guidelines so even if I try to link my repos in C:\ to Github, I can’t.


Update 2:
I tried to follow this

But here’s the result.

Don’t know why Logseq keeps changing my git directory.

Problem Solved using this