Problem logging into sync

Hi. I’m trying to log into sync but I cannot get past the signin screen. I signed up on opencollective, and am trying to log in with my username (REDACTED) and email (REDACTED) The login on my browser when I click login in the app settings just gives me an error regarding requiring to be a sponsor, which I believe I am. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Do you give 5 dollars or more?

Yes I did, through opencollective.

@Dimitri_Vlahakis Welcome to the community, and thank you for backing us! I’ve sent you a DM.

Please remember in the future: posting personal information like Sync usernames or email addresses isn’t allowed on the forum; not even if they’re your own. It could attract spammers or other malicious people, which we want to avoid.

I’ve got the same problem. I’ve contributed on Open Collective (5$/monthly) and even if I managed to connect in the past (always with great difficulty), now I can’t.

When I enter my login and validate, nothing happens. If I click again on “Sign in”, I get the error:

An error was encountered with the requested page.

And there is an image with the following text:

This closed beta is currently only available to our charitable Open Collective Sponsors.

I’m on Windows and I’m using Chrome.

I just tried with Edge, it doesn’t work either. I’m paying for a feature I can’t use.

Now it works. I don’t know what’s going on but this connection is really fickle.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Maybe network issue?
The in-app proxy setting should work for Logseq Sync in 0.8.14

Problem is back. I’m tired of it.

I’m having the same problem. I can’t log in. I can’t get a password reset code. Very frustrating. Where do we go for help?