Problem syncing with omnivore

I am learning the use of logseq. I follow the instructions to connect omnivore. but i don’t see the page of omnivore in my logseq. when i puss the omnivore button say it is siyncing…that’s it.
I put the correct API…really I don’t know where is my mistake.

I wouls appreciete help on this

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Press CTRL/CMD + K. And search for Omnivore.

thank for your reply. i do what you say but it it doesn’t find omnivore. I click in the logo of omnivore and it says “articles fetched” that’s it.

in the Onmivore plugin settings did you change the default page? if not then its very likely there is an issue with the API key. Make sure there is no empty spaces etc…

i did not changed the default page. Now i do, i put in a page “citas” and appears this image…but nothing else.

I’m facing a similar issue, though it showed articles fetched, but can’t see any articles on the Omnivore page in Logseq.