Problem with images not being displayed


I am new to logseq and very impressed with the capabilities. I opened a graph with my existing markdown notes (Craft docs export) and had no issues. But when I reviewed the pages I found that none of the images are being displayed. All images in all pages are displayed like the following:

I reviewed the image format in the markdown documents and it is the same format as libseq. I opened one of the exported markdown documents in pycharm and all images were rendered.

Using logseq version 0.9.10 on MacOS.

Any ideas on what could be the issue? Thanks in advance.

Images will only render if they are in the assets folder.

Which is the folder Logseq will make the moment you add assets to your graph. (Using /asset I believe it is)

Thank you.

I have also found that if absolute paths are used then images will render. Obviously the issue with this is that it will break if you switch between PCs (/home/joe vs C:\Users\joe vs /Users/joe) and mobile.

Unfortunately relative paths using the loges root do not work.

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Is there a way to enable images inside the pages/ folder?
This is quite annoying to me, since it’s the normal way Markdown should behave and sometime it’s nice to have the attachments together with the notes.

The quick answer is no, unless you use complete paths. See previous posts.
The problem is not the markdown, the problem is the relative path rendering Logseq does. (Or rather doesn’t)

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