Problem with Zotero integration (macbook pro and mac mini home setup)

The problem I am having is the notorious missing pdf file due to Logseq and Zotero being directed at different paths etc.

I kept trying to fix it and the simplest solution (which I have tried and failed at the beginning of my frustrating journey to solve this problem) is, while not fully the solution, on the right path.

:zotero/settings-v2 {"default" {:type-id "9620207", :zotero-data-directory "/Users/DrAhmedAlkarkhi/Zotero", :zotero-linked-attachment-base-directory "/Users/drahmedalkarkhi/Library/CloudStorage/ Drive/ZoteroAttachments", :overwrite-mode? false, :include-attachments? true, :prefer-citekey? true}}
 :zotero/settings-v2 {"default" {:type-id "9620207", :zotero-data-directory "/Users/DrAhmedAlkarkhi/Zotero", :zotero-linked-attachment-base-directory "/Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/ZoteroAttachments", :overwrite-mode? false, :include-attachments? true, :prefer-citekey? true}}

as you can see, this is from my GitHub logs since I rebuilt my garden to sync with git, the linked attachment changes.

While it’s an easy fix if you use the Zotero cloud storage, I use google drive, I have plenty of storage there so I don’t want to pay for Zotero’s cloud drive, it’s not an easy fix with my setup, google drive + github

My question is have anyone else experienced this and found a fix? I want to somehow add the Zotero attachment path lines from the logseq config to the gitignore file so they won’t sync, is that possible? what are the possible solutions?

Just to recap, Zotero attachment direction has to be changed for each machine and when they sync only one path prevails and then the other one becomes hardly usable, giving the notorious MISSING PDF error message.