Problems with PDF reader on both mobile and desktop

Hi do the particular problem I’m having in the logseq environment is that PDFs won’t open both on my laptop-> desktop version and-> mobile - android 13

  • On desktop I continually get file path errors using shift + click and my default pdf reader isn’t opened when embedded either, even when the pdf file is first out in the assets folder and referenced directly

  • On mobile a click seems to try open the file and then nothing happens

  • For comparison purposes I tried the same processes in Obsidian on both mobile and desktop and the PDF reader opened seemlessly indicating to me I might be missing a small detail on how to set it up and I’m so keen to use loqseqs annotations and just have that in one place

How would I get the pdf reader to actually work so I can use it in my workflow

I just experienced this. Frustrating.

I am having second thoughts on this front, too.