Programmatically writing {{cloze }} do not display as expected

Hello all,
Here is my issue.
I use ChatGPT to generate pinyin (encapsulated in cloze brackets) for my Chinese learning process. I then use a Python script to replace the lines in my Logseq markdown files with the ChatGPT output.

Unfortunately, the generated clozes pinyin do not get hidden.

Something worthy to note: Copy-pasting the generated clozes into a new line does hide them…

Any idea on how to fix that? :slight_smile:

I solved my issue… It was simply because there needs to be a space before the first braket of the {{cloze }} tag. In mandarin, the ?and 。look like they have a space after them but actually they don’t…

TLDR: make sure there is a space before your {{cloze }} tag :slight_smile: