Proper use of tags/page links for my meeting notes use case

One of the important use cases for me is to resurface important notes from the (too) many meetings I have. I need to search for people tags and/or project tags and/or project tags.
I need help to figure out the best way to use tags to find my notes at a later date. I use a mishmash of the following tagging schemes:

TODO #meeting with #steve about [[projectX]] to setup [[projectXschedule]] document

#meeting with #steve about [[projectX]]
TODO setup [[projectXschedule]]

with #steve
about [[projectX]]
TODO setup [[projectXschedule]]

Can someone please help me understand the best way to use tags or the pro’s & con’s of each for this use case?

  • Unless you break the lines into multiple blocks, all 3 schemes are equivalent during searching.
    • They can co-exist, but they are inconsistent.
  • The best way is the natural (though somewhat subjective) way, probably this:
    TODO [[meeting]] with [[Steve]] to setup [[projectX/schedule]] document
    • By convention (otherwise they are equivalent):
      • inline (or hard) associations should use references through square brackets [[]]
      • # tags (or soft references) are for secondary associations
    • If you really need a separate page for the schedule, a single [[projectX/schedule]] reference is better than the two separate ones.
    • Make Steve a favor and capitalize his name.
      • Likewise for all proper names.
  • The provided information and examples are not enough for further details.

@mentaloid can you explain what you mean by hard associations vs. soft references and why you recommend pages vs. tags for them?

To rephrase what is explained in Page vs Tag Use Case:

  • conventions matter:
    • can give a productivity boost, when applied consistently
    • can have the opposite effect when:
      • their application is not consistent
      • they are over-complicated
  • hard is some concrete or non-optional info
    • if removed, the core meaning of the note is altered (and often collapses)
  • soft is some meta-info that adds to the status of the note, but not to its essence
    • it is an attribute that can be applied without altering the note’s core meaning
      • sometimes tags operate as light properties

Thanks @mentaloid . Sorry for the bad formatting. Those are in fact separate blocks. I will try putting all tags and page references as the main block for a while to see how my queries work. And, finally, Steve and all others have properly capitalized names. :grin:

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