Property value istead of property name in graph

These two nodes are property names, which I think it would make more sense to show a relation from property values.
That also would be amazing if it has an option/filter to choose to show relations from property values or not.

Hi. It’s not clear what desired behavior you’re looking for without the specific text. To disable property pages from being created, add :property-pages/enabled? false to your config. A little more info at

Hi @cldwalker ! I came here for the same reason as @Baiti_Studio . I’ll leave an example in case it makes everything clearer.

In my DB I like to reference people and places. For the former, in each page I add the property type:: person and for the later type:: place. The issue is that, in the graph, it shows the node type connecting a person with a place. What would make more sense, for example, is to have a node type, which has the nodes person and places, each of them connected to their respective nodes. Another option could be to only show the value person and place and hide type.

Let me know if you have any doubts with the example

Hi. If you’d like place to show up in the graph then you have to use references e.g. type:: [[place]].