Pull quote from pdf and cite more efficiently

Hi folks! I use logseq a lot for reading, highlighting, and annotating pdfs. I’m often pulling quotes from the pdf into pages. What I almost always do is a bit laborious:

  1. Copy the highlighted text and paste it into the page (usually after a quotation-opener >)
  2. Edit the pasted text where necessary, since pdf text copies are rarely perfect, and mine often includes math I’d rather have in clean LaTeX.
  3. Copy the reference of the pdf highlight.
  4. Paste the reference into a little asterisk link after the pasted text, [*](highlight-ref)

So the end result is like

To be is to be the value of a variable. *

… where the asterisk links back to the spot.

It seems to me lots of people might work this way, or prefer this way, and if so it might be better to have the “copy ref” work like this automatically - that is, the text as plain text, and then a link back to the spot. What do you think?