Querie Newbie - TODO list exclude the project page

I am a Querie newbie. I would like to have a TODO list that fetches the TODO’s from the journal for a specific project. Todo’s that I have created on the project page should not appear in the list. How do I build something like this?


  • Normally a project’s page is not a journal page.
  • If you use advanced queries, could try this:
     :query [:find (pull ?block [*])
         [?block :block/marker ?marker]       ; tasks
         [(contains? #{"TODO"} ?marker)]      ; of type TODO
         [?block :block/refs ?project]        ; that reference a page
         [?project :block/name "projectname"] ; which is for the project
         [?block :block/page ?page]           ; and are in pages
         [?page :block/journal-day]           ; that are journals

Thank you very much.
The background is that I create ToDo’s in the journal and also use a separate template for meetings in which ToDo’s are also created for a project. However, I also create ToDo’s when editing my project page.
I would like to collect all ToDo’s in the project page, but I don’t want the ToDo’s that I have created on the project page to be duplicated. (once via the querie and once created in the page)
Maybe I should rethink this process.