"Queries" documentation suggestion: show the raw query source in examples

hope this is an ok place to post this.

on the simple queries documentation page, many of the queries only show the “live query” button, but omit the actual text of the query. here’s an example where the query source is helpfully included:

and here is one of many examples where the query source is missing:

and i cannot click on the “live query” button to reveal the query text, like i can when i’m editing my own logseq graph.

this relatively small addition might go a long way to demystify a lot of simple queries for me.

thank you!

Hi. Good catch. The raw text for the Queries page is at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/logseq/docs/master/pages/Queries.md. I welcome any contributions to add more query examples with #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE ... #+END_EXAMPLE alongside the live queries

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