Query builder plugin - manual installation questions

The instructions for manually installing the query builder plugin (GitHub - adxsoft/logseq-query-builder-plugin: A logseq plugin that generates advanced queries from simple commands) say to
*download the code
*unzip it into a folder

  • click Load unpacked plugin, and select the folder where the plugin code was unzipped

I didn’t see “Load unpacked plugin” button anywhere, not in the folders in my Downloads on the Finder, or at the Github page. All I see in the download is a .md file that’s a duplicate of the educational info on GitHub, with no unpacked plugin.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your attention.

You need to enable developer mode in settings to see this option appear.

It should appear then in the plugins page.

Developer mode was already enabled.

This time opening the downloaded zipped file made a folder with the critical contents beyond the .md explanation file. I don’t understand why.

Then I returned to the plugins page and saw the notice to install the downloaded plugin. Then I specified from which folder.

Now it works.

Thanks very much, Aryan.

I’ve seen some of your videos - your explanations are clear. Thanks for those and all you contribute to Logseq.

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