Query for all the pages that used the same template?

I have put some page properties on the first block of each day’s journal such as

template:: morning journal
template-including-parent:: true
day:: Tuesday
weather:: sunny 
sunrise:: 7 AM
sunset:: 7 PM

I’d like to do something like {{query property template "morning journal"}} but it doesn’t work. I made it work using {{query (page-property day)}} but I want to understand if I missed anything here.
I’m very new to Logseq so forgive me if this is very straightforward … to me, it seems trying to find all the pages with the same temple is a very common query to run. Any insight?

The template and template-including-parent are used in the definition of a template. In the destination, in your case in the journal, you use /template and then select the template you want to insert. The properties, text, blocks, etc from the template body (the child block below template-including-parent) are inserted (with the parent heading if template-including-parent:: true) but not the two template properties.

You could add a property to the template body template-name:: some-name and query that.

@MagePrometheus thanks a lot, that makes total sense!