Query for tagged items under parent block?

Taking meeting notes in the journal, I have a section for meetings and then a block under that for each meeting. Then I zoom into that meeting’s block to take notes.

  • Meeting with Group A
    • Note 1
    • Note 2
      • Note 2 sub note #action
    • Note 3
    • Note 4 #action
    • {{query (and (parent_block == this.parent) (tagged action))}}

I want to be able to insert something like that last line (likely via templates) and have it list the Note 2 sub note and Note 4 blocks (and their children). It should not return the actions from other meeting blocks.

Never mind the horribly butchered query syntax, just trying to get the concept out. Since I’d be templating it, I wouldn’t mind it being an advanced query if that’s what’s needed.

its not possible to query block base on parent of block that contain query string.