Query for tags in current page

i want to query all the #action block
i tried :

    {{query (and #action (page <% current page %>))}}


    {{query (and [[action]] (page <% current page %>))}}

and different combinations (with or without parenthesis, …)
but the query is always in error state
what am i missing ?

also, i don’t quite understand the difference of writing #action vs [[action]] apart from that the second one create a page referencing all the [[action]] blocks.

i’ve updated logseq and problem is gone …
this query is working : {{query (and [[action]] (page <% current page %>))}}

something weird for me is that this query return zero block: {{query (and #action (page <% current page %>))}} , notice the #action tag instead of [[action]]

[[action]] and #action are technically the same, the difference is just visual. For queries you need to use [[action]].
I hope that clears up the confusion!

thanks Siferiax , crystal clear:)