Query open todos from page backlinks


I’m using the “everything in journal” approach recommended in logseq documentation.
When discussing with someone, I’ll often write todos in the nest items below a mention of my discussion. For instance, in page [[Sep 15th, 2023]]:

  • discussion with [[Person/John Doe]]
    • he is doing fine
    • TODO discuss with team X to know progress on project.

I’d like to write the query to display list of open todo related to that person.

The main difficulty I see is that TODOs are 1) in backlinks of that person page 2) not even mentioning the person directly (only listed as sub item of a mention)

Is there a way to operate such query? Or should I change (hopefully as little as possible) the way I’m taking notes to be able to do this?

So far I’ve read Query Todos on Current Page and Query all TODOs under journal pages without finding inspiration.

Yes definitely is.
Check out this thread and let me know if you need more help.

Works perfectly thanks!